The world’s most versatile and compact Fire Extinguisher. The only type of extinguisher suitable for both Liquid fuel and Electrical fires.

  • Compact-less than 20% size comparison to conventional pressurised extinguishers.
  • NON HAZAROUS – Human Safe
  • Enviromentally Safe
  • NON Pressurised
  • No Residue Mess after use
  • No Damage to Engines or Electronics
  • Long life – 5 years no maintenance

Ideal for Boats, Kitchens, Engine Rooms, Cars, Garages, Workshops Offices, Fixed Automatic Extinguishing system also available for Engine Room Computer Rooms, Sub-station and Telecom applications.

Operation Instruction

  1. Pull the manual safety ring at the bottom of the unit
  2. Aim the nozzle at the nearest edge of the flame base
  3. Press the start button
  4. Sweep to extinguish fire
Discharge Distance3mm
Discharge Time<12s
Net Weight500+-10g