ARK Green Tech formed to be leading Green technology offerings. Today Green product offerings are a product of choice due to carbon footprint, GHG and destruction to the environment with chemical-based offerings. which increases pollution, infections, spreading of diseases vis a vis reduced quality of life.

For starters ARK Green Tech is offering A333 Antimicrobial Shield disinfectant solution targeted for vehicles (all sizes) to be sanitized, cleaned and protected “PROTECTION IS BETTER THAN CURE”.

A333 Antimicrobial Shield is a top disinfectant treatment and protection for all vehicles which carry high content of germs, bacteria and viruses. This leading disinfecting product key benefits include:

– Non-Toxic. Environmental Friendly
– No alcohol
– Utilizing Lysis technology
– 30 to 45 minutes fogging in vehicles
– Provides 30 days of protection
– Major airlines users ( Singapore, Malaysia and Australian airlines)
– Auto Manufacturers ( Mercedes, Honda, Mazda and Ford)
– Business Executive Jets
– Gymnasium & Fitness Centers
– Hospitals & Pharmaceutical companies

ARK Green Tech offers long term protection for vehicles via 6,9, & 12 mths disinfecting packages.

In today’s environment customers expects and demand quality, convenience, safety features, longevity, and product environment-friendly offerings. With today’s challenges to mankind with climate change and global warming, this has devastating effects on humans which today Global Pandemic is a norm and “PREVENTION better than CURE”. ARK Green Tech has an automotive disinfectant product widely used among leading industries, from Aircraft Manufacturers to Automobile Car Makers with proven results and protection to occupants with key emphasis on HEALTH PROTECTION and PREVENTION as a valued offering. Home or Commercial Disinfectant also offered -> Car Disinfectant A333. & -> BACKTAKLEEN

Backtakleen solution disinfecting product from Japan address and eliminates germs, bacteria,viruses in homes or commercial application. Studies have shown that more than 283 different types of bacteria thrives in every sq cm area.” HEALTH HAZARD”.

Backtakleen Ultra Mist disinfectant value offering includes:
– 2 in 1 Antibacterial treatment
-Specifically treatment for AC carried illness
-Kills bacteria,mould & fungi
Reduces spread of Influenza
– Neutralize bad odor
– Remove buildup of bacteria colonies.
– Improves AC efficiency

Driving on the tagline SAFETY FIRST many incidences of fire today (Automotive, Residential or Commercial) can be reduced with NANO Technology that distinguishes fires in a shorter duration vs conventional water, power-based products in the market. ARK Green Tech Fire Extinguisher technology has features that includes Non-Toxic, Non-Pressurized Canister, Compact, Extinguishers Fires categorise (B, C, E, & F) & 5 year warranty without refilling. Normal powder canister has to be repressured and refill annually and re inspected by the local authority before approved for usage. This product was developed in Germany and the whole business rights were acquired by Chinese investors and market globally with success due to its technological features and ability to retard fire in shorter time. The Green NANO Technology adopted into this fire extinguisher is evolutionary and revolutionary and best technology available today à Fire Extinguisher JE 50

Digitization and Mobility is making inroads to consumer offerings. With the advent of digital and mobile networks across Malaysia and the globe. Ease of communication with technological advancement in radio networks provides convenience to users or consumers with connectivity and security access wherever you are. ARK Green Tech as a technology-driven entity is offering Smart Lock offerings. These technological locks are keyless and unlocked using assigned codes from mobile phones. No special software to download and pairing devices is as easy as 1,2,3. Other key offerings include IP67 (Dust and Waterproof), Bluetooth Key, PIN Codes Access, Schakel Hardened Steel, with a year battery life, Emergency Power Bootup utilizing 9V battery & -20 to 50C Operating Temperature. No other lock technology in the market today offers ease of use, security, and mobility access even if code access sent for another country.